Featured in: Maryland Life Magazine
July/August 2010 Issue

Written by: Carrie Madren; Photography by Vince Lupo

The Banner Bee Company: Going Gourmet? Go Local!

"Andrea and Chet Langworthy use only organic beekeeping practices to keep some 50 hives buzzing on organic farms in Frederick, Howard, and Montgomery counties. Their business, the Banner Bee Company, features raw and infused honeys—including raw wildflower honey and flavored honeys— plus soaps, lotions, and candles made with honey or beeswax, as well as bee pollen and propolis..."
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Featured in: Southern Accents Magazine
July/August 2009 Issue

Produced by Holly H. Goff

Agenda Section: You`ve Got to See This: Seasonal Trend: Honey

"Knowing that some of the best honey comes from the South, our staff taste-tested several local honeys to determine our favorites...[BannerBee Company LLC]...the slender, elegantly shaped bottle would look perfect on a brunch table..."
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Featured in: A Short History of the Honey Bee: Humans, Flowers, and Bees in the Eternal Chase for Honey

By Edward Readicker-Henderson, Photography by Ilona McCarty

Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated / Pub. Date: May 2009

"Synopsis: There are around 16,000 species of bee. Only seven of these are responsible for creating the world's sweetest treat - honey. Combining Ilona's gorgeous photography and E. Readicker-Henderson's engaging text, A Short History of the Honey Bee follows the journey from flower to hive to honey throughout history."

This book features BannerBee Company's honeys and products from the hive.
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Featured in: Country Home Magazine
November 2008 Issue

Written by: Lisa Kingsley; Photo by Steven McDonald

Dish Section: Handmade in America

"A collection of our favorite artisinal foods and tableware, all produced with passion and care, is ideal for this gift-giving season. The beekeepers at [BannerBee Company LLC] have come up with some amazing additions to their wonderful pesticide- and antibiotic-free Maryland wildflower honey..."
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Featured in: The Frederick News-Post
February 11, 2009

Written by: Laurie Savage / Special to the News-Post;
Staff Photos by Sam Yu

Sweets for Your Sweet
On Valentine`s Day, turn to your honey

"On Valentine`s Day, you might buy your honey some chocolate, but why not serve that special someone a little chocolate honey? Honey and chocolate are perfect partners, according to Andrea Langworthy of [BannerBee Company]..."
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Featured in: The Frederick News-Post
December 15, 2008

Written by: Laurie Savage / Special to the News-Post

[BannerBee Company]
Bees Make Products Perfect for Gift-Giving

"Chet and Andrea Langworthy`s bees busy themselves turning out honey and other products from their hives across Frederick, Montgomery and Howard counties. Their secret lives are the stuff of books and movies..."
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Featured in: The Washington Post
September 19, 2007

Written by: Jane Black; Photo by: Erica Lusk

Pour It On, Starting Here

`Local Wildflowers Make for Distinct Flavors Among Va. and Md. Brands...[BannerBee Company] honey`s `flavor was terrific: floral with hints of cinnamon and anise...A good choice for homemade granola or for drizzling over yogurt and figs.`
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