Beeswax taper candle tin

Beeswax taper candle tin



Our hand-dipped 5" taper candles are 100% natural beeswax color and scent with pure cotton wicks. Our beautiful set of 10 celebration tapers is presented in a reusable window top tin box.

Beeswax burns longer, brighter and cleaner with a rich, warm glow. Beeswax burns virtually dripless. No chemicals emitted as with paraffin and fragrance additives!

Candles are approximately 5" with a standard 7/8" base and will burn for approximately 8 hours. 


contains: 100% pure beeswax.

Notes: Clip wick to 1/4" before lighting. Place candle on a fire proof surface. First time burning let candle burn for at least 2 hours. When extinguishing candle, press wick into pool of wax then straighten for next lighting. It is not recommended that you blow out the candle.