Organic Castile Hand Wash, French Lavender

Organic Castile Hand Wash, French Lavender



Transform any cleansing routine into a spa-like massage with light and airy foaming lather. The simple nature of a castile wash and purity of organic ingredients mean you can wash frequently with no harsh chemicals or detergents to irritate your skin or the environment! A self-foaming pump provides pure fluffy clean.

Honey moisturizes, heals and protects skin.  French Lavender essential oil is calming and soothing.  It's mild and safe for adults and children to use every day.


Scent: French Lavender


Contains:  purified spring water (reverse osmosis), saponified oils of coconut, olive & jojoba, organic aloe vera, glycerin/vegetable gum extract, raw honey, sweet orange and tangerine essential oils, vitamin E, rosemary extract.


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