Clover Honeystix Packs

Clover Honeystix Packs



Choose from our Variety Pak of 20 sticks - flavors include: peach, orange, lime, lemon, cinnamon, mint OR choose our PLAIN Clover Pak of 20. 

100% natural color & flavor...pure honey.

Each honey stick contains approximately 1 teaspoon of honey - squeeze into your tea, pack in your child's lunch, quick pick-me-up before a work-out, squeeze onto toast...

Squeeze 4-6 honey sticks into a bottle of water, shake it up & voila! instant energy drink AND the best part is that it is much better for you! 


Variety Pak contains: clover honey with natural extracts, natural flavoring, citric acid.
Clover Pak contains: clover honey.