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Give or receive 3 monthly shipments of your favorite artisanal honeys from BannerBee!  You specify the month in which you would like to receive your first shipment in the box below and leave the rest to us! Your pantry will be stocked with sweetness!

Each beautifully presented in an 9oz glass jar.  Your first shipment will include a wooden honey dipper for you to use with all of your tasty treats that you will receive from us throughout the year!  One of our favorite recipes will also be included with your gourmet jar of honey each month - we LOVE to share our delicious ideas!

Gift? No problem! We will send off a personalized gift card which explains the Honey-of-the-Month Club, what they can expect and when.  Include your personalized note in checkout!

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These are the artisanal honeys that you can expect:

January: Chocolate Blended Honey.
We are going to start your year off sharing our favorite flavored honey! Enjoy our rich, dark chocolate honey warmed on ice cream, berries, pancakes or waffles - this also makes a FABULOUS hot chocolate! No dairy.

February: Cinnamon Blended Honey.
A perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee, scones or as a ham glaze - you will enjoy our wildflower honey blended with the sweet-hot flavor of premium ground Saigon cinnamon!

March: Vanilla Bean Infused Honey.
A special treat for you to enjoy in your cup of tea, on vanilla ice cream, biscuits or berries! Our wildflower honey is infused for at least 2 months with a Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean which is included in the jar! This honey has been featured in popular national magazines and is our most popular!

April: Lavender Infused Honey.
Our delicate tasting wildflower honey infused with premium culinary lavender flowers rendering a smooth, light taste to compliment your scones and muffins, cheese platter, or drizzled on berries.

May: Blackberry Blossom Honey.
This light amber varietal honey is from the nectar of the wild blackberry in the Pacific Nothwest Enjoy it`s lovely floral bouquet, silky smooth texture with a berry endnote - perfect spread on warm toast or in marinades.

June: Specialty Tupelo Blossom Honey.
This prized varietal honey is a light golden amber color, delicate and distinctive tasting and is produced by our friends in the wetlands of Southern Georgia for just a few weeks in April/May. Try tupelo drizzled on Stilton blue cheese to enhance the flavor or in your tea.

July: Premium Turmeric Enriched Honey.
Our most medicinal blend, use topically on wounds, for inflammatory skin conditions, soreness inside the mouth or take internally for headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infections, fever, menstrual problems water retention, depression or cancer. Warning: Turmeric might slow blood clotting. Taking turmeric along with medications that also slow clotting might increase the chances of bruising and bleeding.

August: Raw Wildflower Honey
Enjoy our raw wildflower honey from the early season blooms of berry, apple, locust blossom and tulip poplar. Lovely paired with earthy goat cheese, ripened fruit and nuts.

September: Buckwheat Blossom Honey.
A robust dark varietal honey high in mineral content and antioxidants - tastes similar to molasses and is fantastic in glazes and marinades. Recent studies have shown buckwheat honey to be more effective than over-the-counter cough syrup for treating a child’s cough.

October: Chai Blended Honey.
Heavenly in your morning tea, drizzled on scones or as a ham glaze - you will enjoy our wildflower honey with our favorite blend of premium spices. Delightful!

November: Ginger Blended Honey.
Our wildflower honey blended with ground ginger root will add a distinct flavor to your cup of green tea, fantastic in salad dressings and as a glaze for salmon, poultry or ham. A lemon Ginger Honey tonic is perfect for the flu season.

December: Mocha Blended Honey
A rich, dark chocolate sensation with a shot of espresso will amaze your guests during the holidays! High in antioxidants AND makes the most outstanding hot chocolate, superb paired with berries and pound cake or drizzled over Greek yogurt!