Specialty Reserve: Bourbon Infused Honey

Specialty Reserve: Bourbon Infused Honey



Enjoy our delicious Woodford Reserve bourbon infused wildflower honey. Exquisite ingredients yield exquisite results...and this smooth, richly flavored drizzle is no exception!

We infuse our local wildflower honey at a very low heat, over several hours, with our favorite Kentucky bourbon!  This careful process evaporates off the alcohol while imparting a rich bourbon flavor into the honey. Time and patience ensures the integrity of the honey. 

Makes a unique and delectable gift for the most discerning client, guest, family member, friend, and neighbor! 

We suggest drizzling on vanilla bean gelato with fresh berries, pancakes or biscuits, fried chicken OR as a glaze for grilled chicken, stuffed pork chops, Thanksgiving roasted turkey and vegetables. 

net weight 9oz

*Please note: jar received may not be exactly as it appears in photos